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Not only is swimming a great way to get fit, it can also serve as therapy for a number of conditions. Swimming is considered a low-impact exercise because it puts little stress on the joints. According to Aquatic Therapy Associates, aquatic therapy and exercise can be beneficial because:

  1. Warm water (approximately 92 degrees Fahrenheit) enhances muscular relaxation, increases circulation and promotes healing. The aquatic pool is equipped with Swim Jet Technology.
  2. Buoyancy reduces compressive forces on the joints, allowing those with chronic pain to move and walk with greater ease than on land.
  3. The water’s resistance allows strengthening to occur at any level of ability and in all directions.
  4. Exercise in water can help maintain cardiovascular strength if you are unable to perform land-based exercise.
  5. Aquatic therapy is appropriate for any phase of rehabilitation and provides a safe and effective therapeutic environment for people who are limited in their movement on land.
  6. Aquatic Therapy and aquatic exercises offer many of the same benefits as land exercise including aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and better balance.
  7. The water’s buoyancy supports your weight, which reduces stress on your joints, bones and muscles. When you are submersed up to your neck, water cancels out about 90 percent of your body weight, reducing your risk of injury.
  8. Being submerged in water can increase your circulation and improve your cardiovascular health. If you have painful injuries that are accompanied by swelling, the gentle pressure of Aquatic Therapy can help reduce the swelling.
  9. Water offers natural resistance, which will strengthen your muscles as you push against it. You are more flexible in water because the effects of gravity diminish in water. You may be able to do stretching exercises normally wouldn’t be able to do on land.
  10. Because it is very gentle on your muscles, bones and joints, Aquatic Therapy is ideal for those who are obese, sedentary or suffer from arthritis. Aquatic exercise can also be beneficial for those with back problems, weak leg muscles, pregnant women, elderly people, or those recovering from an injury or surgery.
  11. Water workouts can help you reach your fitness goals without pain or injury. Aquatic Therapy and exercise can also be used as part of your existing exercise routine or as a cross-training workout. For beginners, aquatic exercise offers a safe and fun way to start an exercise program. But like any other exercise program, it is important to speak with your doctor or practitioner before beginning aquatic exercise.
  12. Comfortable, and Safe for Post Surgery Patients

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